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Brand Activations

Experiential activations and brand engagement that create drive-to-store opportunities and reward customers

The Connect&GO platform can be used to connect brands with consumers in meaningful ways. From connected access control to quick cashless payments and innovative experiential opportunities, our technology can enhance a brand activation and leave a lasting impression with the consumer. Brands enjoy multiple benefits including; email collection, consumer behavior data, measurable digital reach and more. We work closely with clients to integrate our technology into existing activations, or conceptualize new activations that will incorporate the many functionalities of RFID.


Enhanced Connection

Collect emails and establish a lasting connection with consumers through a shared experience.


Create post-event engagement and drive-to-store initiatives to connect consumers with brands.

Digital Reach

Guests can share the experience instantly on social media.

Consumer Behavior Data

All interactions are recorded within the dashboard and targeted data is easily extracted.