What is

What is SKI&GO? A fully integrated operations management solution developed for ski hills and resorts, giving operators visibility over everything from ticketing, card dispensers, POS, equipment rentals and ski school management. The end-to-end Ski&GO system allows guests to connect the entire ski resort experience without carrying a wallet or mobile device.

Simple Contactless Technology.
Safest Guest Experiences.

  • Ticketing & Access Control
  • Self-serve Dispensers
  • Child-Parent Pairing
  • Locker & Door Locks
  • Emergency & Allergy Info
  • POS & Cashless Payments
  • Loyalty & Points Programs
  • Consumer Behavior Tracking

Benefits of

Ticket sales

  • Dynamic Pricing offers smarter deals to your guests
  • Easily upsell packages and generate secondary revenues
  • Use Self-serve Dispensers to stream-line purchasing on-site

Eco-friendly Option

  • Bamboo RFID Passes available
  • RFID Passes are rechargeable
  • Guests can re-use Passes each season

Added convenience

  • Faster access to ski lifts and runs
  • Simplified payments

Additional Security

  • Give your guests peace of mind with
  • Child-Parent pairing Manage access by two-factor authentification
  • Provide EMTs with allergy and emergency contact info

Detailed Reporting

  • Business Intelligence reports on customer behaviour
  • Operational Intelligence reports and alerts on opportunities

Targeted Marketing

  • Automate E-mail Blasts
  • Easily Customize Offers
  • Manage Discounts and Promotions

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