Here is a quick summary of product updates for the month of June!


  • Mission and badges
    • A badge is an action the user needs to complete in order to unlock the associated badge. It could be completed by finding a totem in a scavenger hunt, playing a trivia, or participating in an experiential activity
    • A mission is composed of different badges you must achieve in order to successfully accomplish the mission
  • Memories: you can redeem a pre-purchased video or buy credit to redeem the video after your visit


  • Modifiers: You now have the possibility to link products together with an optional or required product. You can use this for cabana rental, locker rental, party booking. They are all compatible with regular and time-based products!
  • Cashless Reporting: Reports on how guests are using the cashless feature
  • Benefits Reporting: Reports on which benefits are purchased most often
  • Fraud Tooling: You are now enabled to flag or block a suspicious transaction

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