A trip to the ZOO or aquarium has always been a fun and enriching activity for friends and families. These days, guests are getting even more out of the experience as many ZOOs and aquariums are integrating RFID technology into the services and features they offer. With a connected RFID wristband, instead of a printed ticket, guests are able to do more at the ZOO/aquarium and become fully immersed in the experience. Facility operators learn more about their guests and create new opportunities to connect on a deeper level. Here are some of the main benefits of the connected ZOO/aquarium experience.



By integrating RFID access control, busy ZOOs and aquariums are able to streamline access to their facility. Guests buy and register their passes online, then simply pick up their RFID wristbands at self-serve dispensers on site. By scanning their wristbands at the entrance, guests gain access to the ZOO or aquarium and facility operators know exactly who has entered or exited. Parent and child passes can also be paired for additional security.


Guests can link their credit card directly to their RFID wristband, or load credit onto the wristband to be debited with each purchase. Cashless transactions are quick and secure, and guests don’t have to worry about having their wallet on-hand. Parents can even distribute spending money to kids by loading credit onto their wristbands for hassle-free spending at the ZOO/aquarium.


ZOOs and aquariums have fascinating information to share with guests – whether it’s a new species of frogs or the hibernation habits of grizzly bears… By connecting the info-sharing process, ZOOs and aquariums can respond to guests’ specific interests. Games and trivia kiosks help determine what each guest is interested in. When a guest scans to participate, they can indicate their interest level in a topic and request to have information sent via email.


Each time a guest scans, the ZOO or aquarium learns more about that particular guest and the way they interact with the facility. Consumer behaviour information is extremely valuable when it comes to marketing decisions and plans for site development or expansion. By better understanding their consumers, ZOOs and aquariums are able to create exceptional guest experiences that resonate with their target markets.


A point system can be developed to encourage guests to participate in on-site games, scavenger hunts and contests. Each time a guest scans, they earn valuable points that can be redeemed for prizes or discounts on future visits. Donation kiosks make it easier than ever for guests to make instant donations to the ZOO/aquarium or affiliated causes. Guests scan at the kiosk, select the amount they would like to give, and then confirm the donation.


ZOOs and aquariums depend on repeat visits and lasting consumer loyalty. RFID technology can be used to establish a deeper connection by creating a customized experience for each guest. Using the data acquired from activity reports, ZOOs and aquariums can create targeted marketing campaigns and reach out to specific guests with info and promotions that will interest them.

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