Raising money for a cause can be challenging; but with RFID technology, you can simplify the process and raise record amounts with very little effort. Donations kiosks make it fun and easy for guests to choose the type and amount of their donation; as well as the method of payment they prefer. Donations happen instantly, making the entire process hassle-free! Here’s how RFID donation kiosks work…


  • Using the touchscreen prompts on the kiosk, guests can select the organization or cause they would like to donate to.
  • If you’re raising money for your own facility (EX: renovations to your ZOO), your guests can specify where they’d like to see their money go (EX: improved living space for the monkeys).


  • Guests can follow the touchscreen prompts to select a pre-determined donation amount, or enter an amount of their choice.
  • The donation amount is saved to the guest’s profile so you have a record of their contribution and can thank them for it later.


  • When a guest has linked a credit card to their RFID wristband, the donation is processed instantly and a receipt is sent via email.
  • If a credit card has not been linked, the guest makes a pledge to donate and their contact info is saved in your database for a follow-up.


  • You have a record of who has donated what, making it easy for you to stay in touch with everyone who has contributed to your cause.
  • Send personalized “Thank you!” messages to those who have donated, as well as follow-up emails/newsletters regarding any updates or progress made as a result of the fundraising.

Donation kiosks are a great way to engage with guests and make it simple for them to contribute to your cause. From ZOOs and aquariums to museums and conferences, donation kiosks work in a variety of settings to spread awareness about fundraising efforts, while making it fun and easy for people to give!

To learn more about donation kiosks at ZOOs and aquariums, download our white paper here.

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