Au CEGEP et à l’université, Myriam a étudié les finances, le marketing et les médias. Elle a débuté sa carrière auprès d’une agence de marketing alors qu’elle était encore à l’école. Myriam a passé les neuf dernières années à travailler pour des agences marketing se spécialisant en campagne de commandites et expérientielle. Elle a toujours été passionnée par la technologie et l’amélioration de l’expérience client dans le secteur du divertissement. Myriam a tout de suite senti que l’équipe Connect & GO lui conviendrait parfaitement et nous sommes tout à fait d’accord avec elle ! En tant que Chargée de comptes pour les installations permanentes, Myriam a dirigé plusieurs de nos divertissantes installations permanentes à travers le monde. Nous sommes ravis de compter Myriam parmi les membres de notre équipe (et ses impressionnantes compétences en soccer constituent un atout additionnel !).

Ta citation préférée?

« When you’re backed against the wall, break the goddamn thing down. » – Harvey Specter, Suits

Ta musique ou ton artiste préféré?

I like to listen to a variety of music, it all depends on my mood. When I work, I like listening to music without lyrics, such as CFCF, Jean-Michel Blais, Bonobo and Sol Rising. When I drive, I often listen to hip hop, some 80’s music or even electro/techno.

Ton émission de télé favorite?

My two favorite TV shows are Succession and Casa De Papel. The next one on my list is « Inside Bill’s Brain » on Netflix.

Ta prochaine destination voyage?

I’m thinking of either Iceland or Chile for my next destination.

Ton restaurant favori à Montréal?

Without a doubt, Provision 1268. I love the experience, the food and service.

La réalisation dont tu es le plus fier?

I think that one of my best accomplishments is being where I am today and always sticking to what I love doing. I try to push my limits everyday, and to not be afraid of change. I try to learn as much as I can from the different environments we work in.

Comment as-tu décroché ton emploi chez Connect&GO?  

By playing soccer with the company four years ago!! Connect&GO was our supplier when I was working on C2 Montréal and I met some amazing people on-site. I kept in touch with two of them, and I was a replacement player on their soccer team for a bit. Anthony told me about his plan to open a department for permanent installations, and here I am!! (smile)

Que fais-tu au cours d’une journée de travail typique?  

I always start my day with a coffee or two! I try my best to go through my emails from the night before so that I can spend the morning preparing for future deployments. Then, I have meetings with the different departments in the company. My role is to be the the main client contact after the sales; I act as their liaison with all other departments. I make sure to document what the customer experience will be like on-site while using our technology. I want to be able to give the most precise information possible to the dev team. I always re-confirm all scope of work with the client before our team gets started on the big tasks!

The easiest way to describe my role is: Assess – Plan – Document – Test – Deliver – Train the Client – Analyze – Improve – Coordinate

Qu’est-ce qui te plaît le plus chez Connect&GO? 

What I like the most is obviously the team. There are so many talented people with different backgrounds, it is easy to learn something every day in this environment!

I also like the mission of the company. I think, in life, there is nothing more important than having fun in everything we do; and enhancing the guest experience in a fun environment with our technology is just an incredible feeling.

Quels sont tes passe-temps en dehors du travail?  

Activities, activities, activities! I can’t just stay home for two days. I like biking, I play soccer twice a week. I enjoy snowboarding, tennis…anything active, and I’m in!

I am also passionate about wine and food. I like cooking, trying new wines and I also like to try two new restaurants every month.

Quelles sont les valeurs les plus importantes à tes yeux?  

I have a few, but my main ones are: Integrity, Perseverance, Balance, Loyalty, Achievement, Open-Mindedness and Family.

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