Why are food festivals so popular these days? Because…food. Enough said, right? But seriously, the point of a festival is to celebrate something people love, and just about anyone and everyone loves food. Whether you’re fired up about the latest BBQ sensation, or pumped about eating all-vegan-everything…chances are there’s a food type or trend out there that makes your eyes light up and your taste buds tingle.The rise of the celebrity chef is another reason people are flocking to outdoor food fests to sample delicacies prepped by their fave foodie idols. Big names draw big crowds and festivals around the world are more than happy to jump on the current celeb chef trend. Guests find it thrilling to see the kitchen warriors they admire in person – even better if they get to chat them up about the subtleties of truffle oil and the importance of farm-to-table eating.

Food festivals really have everything going for them and just about every single one turns into a massive party. Where there’s food, there’s drink…and probably music. So, basically, food fests are a chance to get outside, eat, drink and dance with friends. Sign us up!

The one thing that could potentially detract from all this merriment? Having to wait in long lines each time you want to grab a drink or sample some food. It can also be a major pain if you have to buy coupons for each on-site transaction (and then be sure not to lose those coupons after margarita #4!). This is where RFID comes in to simplify the food festival experience and make it more streamlined, and delicious, than ever before! RFID wristbands can be used for everything from access to the site, payment for food samples and even social media and post-fest sharing. Imagine walking up to Jamie Oliver’s booth and simply scanning your wristband to receive a bite-sized version of his latest dish. Removing the cumbersome cash (or coupon) transaction gives both the guest and the vendor a better opportunity to connect and enjoy the main reason for being there – the food!

Each wristband is registered to a personalized profile, which means everything you taste at the event is recorded online. You can go back to your profile to see what you’ve sampled, and in some cases even request to have tasting notes or recipes sent via email. You can share the experience instantly with friends and family by taking a photo at a sponsored kiosk and scanning your wristband to have it posted directly on your feed. #wishyouwerehere

Basically, food festivals are awesome; and new technologies are being developed all the time to make them even better year after year. Bon apetit!

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