Blooloop: Enhancing the guest experience at Granby Zoo with Connect&GO

July 14, 2021


July 14, 2021 - Blooloop profiles our partnership with Granby Zoo to help enhance the visitor experience with our all-in-one management platform and experiential product. Granby Zoo, also known as Zoo de Granby, is a popular attraction in Quebec that is offering an enhanced visitor experience in partnership with Connect&GO. The zoo is using Connect&GO's experiential platform and all-in-one attractions management product to create an immersive and frictionless experience for visitors. 

Prior to the partnership, Granby Zoo was using their own tickerting system and experiencing many headaches. "We wanted a more integrated system capable of facilitating operations for our staff, and we also wanted to improve our guest services," said Samuel Grenier, Director of Operations for Granby Zoo. 

Using the Connect&GO platform, the zoo can learn about their customers and target their marketing. It's helped with data collection, automating communications, and connecting customers with their conservation mission while also making the experience more enjoyable. The Zoo also has used Connect&GO's cashless technology which helps to increase on-site spending.

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