Austin Chronicle: First Look - Ready Player One Experience at SXSW

March 9, 2018


March 9, 2018 - The Austin Chronicle provides a preview into the "Ready Player One" experience at SXSW, an immersive installation that uses Connect&GO technology. After passing through security, visitors are given an RFID bracelet that lets them purchase exclusive merchandise, grab a drink at the bar, play games, compete on a leaderboard and earn prizes, all using Connect&GO's integrated technology platform. 

"Ready Player One" is an upcoming film by director Steven Spielberg and writers Zak Pen and Ernie Cline that tells the story of a future where people live two parallel lives. The installation at SXSW will feature familiar settings from the film as well as plenty of photo-ops with recognizable characters like the Iron Giant, as well as cast members who plan to stop by during the exhibit. There are also numerous tie-ins with the film, including creating an avatar upon entry (as the characters do in the movie) and six virtual-reality mini games that all directly correlate to settings found in the movie. 

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