Your recipe for success with next-generation attractions technology


The 2023 busy season is officially here, bringing large crowds of eager guests waiting to make new memories! Your operations team will be put to the test: will you sink or will you swim into success? With the right strategy and support, your operations team can do more than just “stay afloat” during the summer rush. Give your team the resources they need to minimize stress and ensure guests have an enjoyable visit, while ensuring that your business is driving revenue growth and increasing guest engagement. Read on to discover how succeeding with next-generation technology is really a piece of cake!

What you’ll need:

  • 2-12 disconnected systems (such as eCommerce, point-of-sale, etc)  

  • 3 tbsps frustration with legacy technology that is clunky and outdated  

  • 2 cups hunger to drive revenue and maximize guest engagement  

  • Half gallon willingness to embrace change 

  • 1 cup interest in creating frictionless experiences   

  • 1 tbsp desire to improve staff efficiency and make life easier  

  • 1 fully integrated platform with real-time data  

  • 1 dedicated client support team  

  • A growth mindset and a partner who can keep up  

  • A dash of innovation (to taste)  

Directions for making the switch

  1. Take frustrations with legacy technology and mix it with the all the disconnected systems. Drown them in your business’s willingness to embrace change.   

  1. Combine your hunger to increase revenue and maximize guest engagement with your desire to improve staff efficiency and make life easier for your team. Gently fold in your interest in creating frictionless experiences.  

  1. Slowly pour the contents from step 2 into a pan lined with a fully-integrated platform with real-time data (we recommend Connect&GO’s Konnect solution). Carefully incorporate your growth mindset and a partner who can keep up with your business’s unique needs. Blend in the support, training, and communication of a dedicated client support team. And of course, heavily sprinkle innovation throughout the entire process.  

  1. Let that mixture sit for a moment to complete integrate and mesh together. There should be no traces of legacy processes or systems left, and that’s how you know your newfound success is ready to be fully launched! 

  1. Lastly, right before serving the final product to your guests and operations team, make sure your new technology has space to expand and evolve as your business grows. 

Don’t forget the icing on top! Providing a connected experience for your guests removes unnecessary hassles, which helps your attraction achieve the ultimate goal of creating memorable moments for guests while simultaneously driving higher revenue through improved operational efficiency and guest loyalty. 


How to fully utilize the benefits of next-generation technology

Key Ingredients:  

  • Flexible eCommerce   

  • Seamless RFID functionality 

  • Modern Cashless Payments 

  • Integrated Access control  

  • & more!  

The success doesn’t stop with implementing Connect&GO’s next-generation management platform. With our flexible eCommerce platform, your team has everything you need to fully customize your offerings at any time. Allowing guests to conveniently purchase tickets, merchandise, and services online, reduces in-person wait times and enhances overall guest satisfaction. Take the benefits a step further by incorporating RFID technology and access control systems to ensure smoother entry and frictionless experiences for your guests—including the ability to pay with a simple tap of a wristband through our cashless technology!  

Set up your business for success with a true all-in-one solution that helps your team stress less and keeps guests returning.  At Connect&GO, we help attractions operators implement flexible management technology that evolves with everchanging needs and helps you reach your full revenue potential. If you’re ready to throw your disconnected legacy systems in the trash, come chat with us and see how switching to next-generation technology can be a piece of cake. Book a demo with our team today!  

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