A letter from Connect&GO CEO, Dominic Gagnon


Dear partners and customers, 

I am very pleased today to be able to announce the conclusion of a Series A funding round for Connect&GO totaling more than $17 million, a milestone for the next phase of growth for the company. 

Find the press release here

Obviously, this would not have been possible without your trust and we are very grateful for that. Our Connect&GO team is committed to continuously improving our Konnect platform to make it the most reliable and innovative technology in the industry. 

Concretely, what does this funding round of 17 million mean for you and what will it change at Connect&GO? 

  • We are dedicated to revolutionizing the attractions industry with technology that helps our customers drive revenue growth and maximize guest engagement. Over the next 12 months, our plan is to make a substantial investment in our product and technology by creating nearly 30 positions across various departments including software development, business intelligence and data, quality assurance, product, customer satisfaction,  and support.
  • We will announce multi-million investments in artificial intelligence (crowd management, dynamic pricing, etc.), business intelligence and data. We will introduce an all-new, industry-leading data platform at IAAPA Orlando 2022 because we know how crucial data and reporting are to your operations.
  • We are also changing our approach to product development. Once primarily focused on features, our product team will now be split into two dedicated groups: Operator Experience and Visitor Experience. More than ever, your feedback will be critical to the future development of our platform so that we can continue to meet and exceed your needs.
  • With this funding, Connect&GO is now one of the best-funded companies in the industry. This investment is also a sign of our investors' confidence in our ability to scale the business and fully realize our mission to become the leader in attractions technology.

In the coming weeks and months, you continue to see a great evolution at Connect&GO as we announce several initiatives and new features. 

On behalf of myself and our entire team, thank you for your trust, and please don’t hesitate to contact me personally if you have any questions.


Dominic Gagnon

Co-founder and CEO, Connect&GO

[email protected]