Create a unique
innovation-oriented culture


Promote transparency

We promote transparency by:

  • Respecting our commitments
  • Maintaining a high level of continuous communication with our teams, our leaders, our customers and our partners
  • Sharing information proactively and openly
  • Welcoming and accepting perspectives which are different than ours
  • Recognizing that we cannot know everything and knowing how to surround ourselves accordingly

Cultivate trust

We cultivate trust by :

  • Trusting our colleagues
  • Being intrapreneurs and passionate about C&GO’s success by giving ourselves the opportunity of making mistakes and learning from them, we are curious, tenacious, informed and creative
  • Being dedicated to team members’ health and wellness inour decisions
  • Being aligned in achieving our common goals
  • Being accountable to each other

Trigger innovation

We trigger innovation by :

  • Being open to diversity and trusting differences to maximize our collective impact
  • Bringing together industry members as well as team membersto lead innovative exchanges
  • Prioritizing decisively to bring as much value as possible toour customers
  • Deploying simple, easy-to-use and innovative technologythat meets the needs of our customers
  • Celebrating small wins just as big ones
  • Not basing ourselves on the norm because we prioritize creativity

Ignite passion

We ignite passion by :

  • Being excited about developing the best products and providing the best service in our industry
  • Making the meaning and the quality of the work we accomplish together a source of great pride
  • Being passionate about the challenges and successes of each of our customers
  • Being passionate about the development and success of each member of our team
  • Offering the best of ourselves for our mission, our clients and colleagues

Grow together

We grow together by :

  • Recognizing that our clients are part of the team
  • Constantly working together in order to meet our collective goals and fulfilling our company mission
  • Hiring according to potential and continuously investing in humans by developing a learning culture and producing exceptional leaders
  • Always making time to support our colleagues and taking into account the interests and strengths of team members
  • Focusing on the solutions


Reasons to work here, because we
are more than a great team

We value human
development as well
as organizational

Training policy

We believe in the development of our employees’ skills, we offer the possibility to follow trainings in order to improve the skills they desire.

Mentoring program

We offer everyone access to an external mentor in your field of expertise to support your professional development.

Weekly feedback

Actionable feedback is given verbally during the one-on-one meetings and in writing on our People platform

Career conversations

All team members have a meaningful discussion with a career coach and his·her manager about career development, a conversation that is revisited every three months

We value

Wellness days

We offer 4 flexible paid half-days in order to optimize the possibility of taking good care of ourselves, when we feel we need it respectively.

Physical activities

We offer an allocation to encourage physical activities.

Supportingmental health

We hold monthly mental health sessions for all team members to understand the reality of each employee and offer new solutions for a healthy work environment.


We offer an insurance program that covers medical, dental, life, disability, and travel.


Each member has access to the Dialogue virtual health care application.

We promote a culture oriented on a structure supporting autonomy to achieve results

Weekly meetings

We have set up a cycle of meetings that supports the manager-employee relationship and all other forms of interaction necessary for optimal information sharing.

Remote work

Our flexible policy for remote work will be maintained and encouraged in the long term (even after COVID-19) because we trust our team members and believe in the importance of their autonomy.

Flexible schedules

Schedules are made according to individual preferences, with the only requirement that all team members be available between 10:00 and 15:00.



Join a growing organization working with clients all over the world in exciting industries such as leisure, sports & entertainment.

You’ll be part of a creative, result-driven team that shares common values: Promote Transparency, Cultivate Trust, Trigger Innovation, Ignite Passion and Grow Together.

By working at Connect&GO, you’ll be a part of a dynamic and ambitious team that evolves every day. We focus on transparency, flexibility and self-improvement as a company and as individuals.

QA Automation Engineer

We are looking for a QA Automation Engineer to join our growing team. You will play an integral part in all phases of the software development cycle, especially in the automation of end-to-end tests. 

Full-Stack Developer

We’re looking for a Full-Stack Developer to develop phases for our access control, payment experiential, and venue operations management solutions.

Cloud/Linux System Administrator

We’re looking for a Cloud/Linux System Administrator to develop and maintain the deployment (CI/CD), provisioning, and monitoring stacks for our access control, payment, experiential, and venue operations management solutions.

QA Automation Specialist

We’re looking for a QA Automation Specialist to implement the tests of the server-side APIs for our access control, payment, experiential, and venue operations management solutions.

Senior Full-Stack Developer

We’re looking for a Senior Full-Stack Developer to develop phases for our access control, payment experiential, and venue operations management solutions.

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