Connect&GO and Mobeewave made a big announcement this week at South by Southwest (SXSW), the annual arts and interactive media conference conglomerate held in Austin, Texas. Enabled by the innovative payment solutions of Global Payments Inc., a leading worldwide provider of payment technology services, the companies are going to revolutionize the way people accept cashless payments at events.

With many years of experience developing RFID solutions for events around the world, Connect&GO is always looking to enhance its experience-driven cashless payment services. Payment service provider, Mobeewave, is eager to bring its patented payment technology even further into the global event space. Together, the companies will offer a new cashless payment solution to events around the world.

“Advances in technology are enabling our merchants and partners to benefit from entirely new payment experiences that change the way consumers and merchants interact,” said Frank T. Young, SVP, Global Product and Innovation at Global Payments. “We are thrilled to partner with Mobeewave and Connect&GO to deliver this innovative new acceptance solution to our Canadian clients.”

Going Mobile For the first time ever, event organizers will be able to use mobile phones to accept payments via credit, debit or RFID tags. This all-in-one mobile payment solution is beneficial for vendor and consumer. Clients can choose their preferred method of payment, and organizers can use a single device to accept multiple methods of payment. Because the technology operates without a cable connection, it is a convenient option for large scale events, including festivals and major sporting events.

“Our clients were looking for payment options, and we’re always committed to innovation and testing new ways of supporting consumer behaviour, so this partnership made total sense. It’s really a win-win-win; for the vendor, the organizer and the patron.” Anthony Palermo, CEO – Connect&GO

Launching at SXSW Connect&GO and Mobeewave are thrilled to launch their new service at SXSW. With the support of Global Payments – a leading worldwide payment service provider – the new all-in-one mobile cashless service will be introduced at a party co-hosted by Connect&GO and Beachclub at the Quebec Sugar Shack, part of the Planète Québec mission to showcase Quebec companies at SXSW.

“We’re excited to provide a truly pioneering payment solution for the global live events industry. By combining RFID technology with mobile contactless payment acceptance, we’ll be offering cashless services that make every attendee feel like a VIP.” Maxime de Nanclas, COO and Co-Founder – Mobeewave

Tried and tested Before the official launch at SXSW, Connect&GO and Mobeewave performed a number of trials of their new cashless payment service at evenko events in Montreal, with all transactions processed by Global Payments. Having found the integration of the two technologies to be virtually seamless, the partnering companies are now ready to offer this innovative service at major events around the world.

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