* In this chapter, Connnect&GO employees are named GOers (a genderless term that includes all members of our team).

Firstly, thank you to FP our COO who explained in the short video clip the reasoning why it was important for us to implement an onboarding program.

The implementation of a onboarding program for our new teams members was my second challenge as Head, Culture & Engagement, after the 1: 1 meetings (discussed in Chapter 1) with all the GOers which has become the foundation of Our Code Culture. The importance of a first day is key to the employee’s success and the long-term relationship that we establish with each one of them. At the same time at C&GO we wanted to go further than just Day 1 while thinking about onoarding our new GOers. Hence, in this Chapter 2 of OUR CULTURE CODE, I will share with you the 12 initiatives included in our Onoarding Program for new team members.

1- Note from our CEO
2- Welcome video
3- Validation of the expectations of the employee and his(her) needs for the work station, along with day 1 schedule

4- Breakfast with GOers
5- Note and welcome kit
6- Connections and codes
7- Meeting with Comrade, manager and Head, Culture & Engagement
8- Planned and not overloaded schedule
9- Activity ‘POP your question!’ to end the day

10- Lunch with the companion and caring follow-ups
11- Organized field day
12- 2-week & 2-month follow-up meetings


1- Note from our CEO

As soon as the recruitment is confirmed, the very first step is for our CEO Dominic to send a personalized note to the new team member. It allows a first welcome contact!

2- Welcome video

Then a simple personalized video is sent by email to welcome the new team member. A number of GOers are featured in the video to say hello to the new member of our team!

3- Validation of the expectations of the employee and his(her) needs for the workstation, along with day 1 schedule

Finally, before his(her) arrival, we make sure to confirm expectations regarding what would be ideal for him(her) to find on the respective workstation in terms of tools. This allows him(her) to have certain choices and to have, when possible, the material in response to his(her) preferences. In the same email, the schedule for the first day is shared in order to reduce the stress related to this new adventure.


4- Breakfast with GOers

Do you remember when you had to walk around the office on your first day in a new job to shake hands with people you didn’t know, with names you couldn’t remember because there were too many while a discussion without too much meaning at each workstation traveled to given the discomfort of the moment? Well, having experienced it many times myself in past experiences, I wanted to make sure that our new GOers would not have to go through that on their first day. Instead, we decided to bring the team in the kitchen, and everyone hence has the chance to enjoy a welcome breakfast together, where less stressful and more meaningful interactions can occur in small groups. So, as a very first hospitality activity, the whole team protects time in their respective calendar to welcome the new member of the team!

Kevin, new team member since January:
“The welcome breakfast was my favorite part of my first day because it gave me a great opportunity to get to know people.”

5. Note and welcome kit

In order to increase the feeling of belonging to the team, a note stating our values and signed by the founders awaits the GOers on their desk upon arrival, with a C&GO welcome kit (bottle, notebook, sweater, stickers). Material that has been previously confirmed with the new team member is also available. In order to give GOers some autonomy, we also leave them an expense account to choose what they would like to get for their own workstation. Some people will prefer a plant, or even a colorful notebook, the important thing is that they can make the decision freely!

Finally, what could be better to develop a feeling of belongingness than to get your professional photo taken with C&GO colors on the background? !! It’s always an appreciated moment that allows GOers be able to display their new colors!

6. Connections and codes

In the computer, a list of codes and connections to allow access to all that is necessary is ready before the arrival of the new team member. It may seem like a simple and almost banal step, but for a new person not having to constantly ask where to find what and how to get there is very supportive!

7. Meeting with Comrade, manager and Head, Culture & Engagement

Meetings are scheduled in advance with 1- the Comrade who has been identified for the new person, 2- his(her) manager as well as 3- myself in order to get through the Culture initiatives from the first day.

Virginie, new member of the team since January:
“I really liked the warm welcome in general when I arrived.”

8. Planned and not overloaded schedule

The schedule is planned but not too busy. The GOer can choose (and is even encouraged) to leave early on their first day, since we all know it is a day full of emotions and stress, so there is no point in filling it up wall to wall!

9. Activity ‘POP your question!’ to end the day

My friend Claudia gave me the idea to organize a fun activity where the members of the team could ask questions to the new GOer in order to get to know each other. So, we adopted as a routine the activity that I called POP YOUR QUESTION! A team member asks the new person a question, but must first make sure to answer it him(her)self, so the spotlight is not only on the new person, and in addition we get to know each other better, which also helps the feeling of belonging of the whole team. Questions must be personal and not job oriented in order to develop new relationships. Usually, the smell of popcorn in itself brings the GOers to show up for this activity that has now became traditional !!

Vincent, new member of the team since January:
“My favorite moment of my first day at Connect&GO was the POP YOUR QUESTION activity because it allowed myself to know GOers a little better, in addition to eating popcorn;) !! “.


10. Lunch with Comrade and caring follow-ups

The Comrade program is very appreciated because it not only ensures that newcomers will have someone to count on the first day for any questions or discomfort, but also for the weeks that follow with a series of sympathetic follow-ups. This program seems to have facilitated the integration of several new members into our team.

11. Organized field day

To make sure the GOers know better the reality of the business, the new team members are scheduled to spend a day in the field in their first few months. This makes it easier for employees to find meaning in what they do daily in the office.

12. 2-week & 2-month follow-up meetings

To ensure follow-ups are being done after the first day, a meeting is scheduled with the manager after 2 weeks and yet another one after 2 months of the arrival of the new GOer. These meetings allow us to take the pulse of the GOer and resolve some issues if necessary. Ensuring we hear their perspective is very important, given that it is not always easy to give it, especially when you are new in a company!

Indeed, we had the opportunity to experience these initiatives in person at the office before COVID-19, however I can confirm that all these activities have been transposed into virtual mode and are thus possible with a minimum of adaptation since we have welcomed a member of our team virtually.

I’ll be back to you next month with more information on the initiatives we have implemented in OUR CULTURE CODE.

Talk to you soon!

Sophie Gadoury – Connect&GO Head, Culture & Engagement

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