These days, more and more resorts are getting connected. What does this mean? Simply put, resorts are finding innovative ways to enhance the guest experience and take friction out of the equation. Guests no longer expect to receive a physical key to unlock their hotel room, or a sticky badge to wear as a ski lift ticket. Now, when you check in at a resort, or visit a ski hill, you may receive an RFID wristband or card to use while you’re there. If so, you’ll have instant access to features that will make the resort experience even better and more convenient for you and your family.

Here’s how RFID lets guests to get the most out of their visit to a resort:


You don’t want to spend your time stressing about where everyone is, so why not link your family’s wristbands to feel a little more secure? Each RFID wristband is associated to an online profile and when a family links their wristbands, parents can be alerted immediately by SMS if a child gets lost. What a relief! You can also add emergency contact and allergy info to each profile, so that every member of your family is covered. Now, get out there and enjoy!

Check out how Jungle Island in Miami is taking advantage of our reservation system!


From dinner reservations to booking that much-needed massage, you’ve got a few things to take care of before you can truly relax. When using RFID, you can manage all of your reservations on the resort microsite. Check available spots, book the one that works for you, and even cancel your reservation if something else comes up. All of your reservations are saved directly to your profile and associated with your wristband. So when it’s time for your hot stone massage, just scan to claim your spot and then get ready to R-E-L-A-X.


You might need to rent your skis and poles, or get a locker the whole family will use for the day…whatever your rental needs; you can book them directly on the resort microsite and have them instantly associated with your wristband. The cost of the rental is added to your final bill, so you don’t have to worry about having cash on hand. Just show up and scan to get the goods, and get going!

An Osheaga volunteer taking photos of Osheaga-goers with a roaming camera. The Osheaga-goers would instantly receive their photos in their email inbox.


If you don’t post that cute family photo, did your vacation even happen? We’re all out to get that perfect shot, and using RFID makes it easier to get everyone in a great photo together. Guests can scan at photo kiosks and roaming cameras to get the perfect snaps of their resort visit, especially when they don’t have a camera or phone nearby. Each photo is saved to the guests’ online profiles and they can choose which photos to print and which to post. Say cheese!


When you’re using RFID to make cashless purchases at the resort, each transaction is saved directly to your online profile. That means you can check the resort microsite at any time to see how many ice creams your kids have devoured, or how much those matching tie-dye t-shirts set you back. By tracking your spending throughout the visit, you avoid a big surprise when it comes time to pay the final bill. You can also set limits with the kids and let them know three giant Slurpees a day is plenty.

Whether you’re hitting the slopes, or lounging on a beach, your resort visit should be relaxing and fun. RFID technology helps you stress less and enjoy more. With reservations, rentals and spending all tracked in one place, you can enjoy every moment and takes tons of photos of the awesome time you’re having!

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