More and more amusement parks are using RFID technology to facilitate everything from access control and cashless payments to experiential activations and loyalty incentives. RFID is a flexible technology that provides many benefits for both park owners and their guests. RFID add-ons can be a great way to increase revenue at amusement parks! Here’s how…

Increase Revenue at Your Amusement Park


Parent and child passes can be paired for additional security – if a child gets lost, park employees can simply scan the child’s pass to have their parent notified by SMS. This advanced security feature can be offered at an additional cost to any entrance package.


Guests who buy their season-passes online can opt to create a personalized wristband they can keep for the whole season. For an additional cost, the guest can select the color and/or theme of their wristband and even get their name printed on the side of the band!


Meal packages can be offered at discounted rates when a guest pre-pays in advance – group packages can be offered for families, birthday parties, etc. A guest’s chosen meal package is associated with their online profile and they simply scan with a vendor to pick up their pre-paid meal.


Guests scan at photo kiosks to take memorable photos during their visit to the park. A printing option can be offered at an additional cost. Guests use the touchscreen on the photo kiosk to select the number of prints they would like to get at the end of their visit.


Gamification can be used to encourage guests to participate in on-site activations. Guests scan their wristbands at various touch points to play games and enter contests. Points earned can be redeemed for discounts on gift store merch and prizes can be picked up in-store to encourage the winners to buy more.

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