Everyone loves water parks. Racing down slides, floating in a lazy river, jumping in a wave pool – what could be better? Well, these days, park operators are doing everything they can to help guests get the most out of their visit by integrating RFID technology into the guest experience. With a connected (waterproof!) RFID wristband, guests get in faster, pay more quickly and even take photos, play games, earn points and win prizes! With the Parkpass by Connect&GO, water parks are making an awesome summer activity…even better!

1. Streamlined Access

  • Guests only have to register their information once. The same profile is used for all future visits.
  • Once registered, guests get their connected Parkpass wristband.
  • Guests enter the park, and various zones on site, by scanning their Parkpass.
  • Park operators have a real-time overview of guest activity, crowd capacity, etc.

2. Additional Security

  • Guests include emergency contact, medical and/or allergy info in their personal Parkpass profiles.
  • In the case of an emergency, park employees scan a guest’s wristband to get the info they need.
  • At registration, guests sign a liability waiver that is saved directly to their Parkpass profile. The park has access to the signed waiver at any time.
  • Parent and child wristbands can be paired, and if a child gets lost, park employees scan the child’s wristband to have the parent notified immediately via SMS.

3. Wallet-free Spending

  • Guests can link a credit card to their wristband, or load credit to be debited with each purchase.
  • By scanning their Parkpass with vendors, guests make quick cashless payments for food, drinks and merchandise – no wallet needed!
  • A receipt for each transaction is sent directly to the guest via email.
  • Park operators have a detailed overview of sales and real-time inventory adjustments.

4. Increased Park Revenue

  • Guests can be encouraged to link a season pass to their Parkpass. Season-pass perks can include priority access to rides, discounts on purchases and more.
  • Special features can be offered at an additional cost. Parent-child pairing, meal packages, birthday party offers and photo printing can be added to the original purchase and saved directly to the guest’s Parkpass profile.
  • The Parkpass system is so simple and user-friendly, guests will want to return to the park and use their pre-registered profile for future visits.

5. Consumer Behavior Insight

  • Each scan is recorded and park operators can review guest activity to determine most popular rides, busiest times of day, best-selling snacks, etc.
  • Targeted marketing decisions can be made according to the way consumers interact with all park services and features.
  • Parks can establish a deeper connection with guests by personalizing the experience with unique welcome messages, ride recommendations, discounts on a guest’s favorite snacks and more!

Learn more about how we can connect the experience at your water park, by downloading our new WHITE PAPER today!

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