Everyone knows how successful Disney’s MagicBand has been, so why are some parks still hesitating to incorporate RFID into their own guest experience? Are they worried about the cost? Unsure of the ROI? Concerned the technology will be difficult to use? Well, we’ve got 5 reasons you should definitely consider using RFID at your theme park. Ready, set…GO!

1. Guaranteed Engagement

  • A connected RFID wristband can be used by anyone – young or old! Scanning is simple and can be integrated in a way that is fun and adds value for the guest.
  • Each wristband is associated to a personal profile, so parks learn more about their guests each time they scan. Every scan is recorded and reveals data that can be used to determine most popular rides, busiest times of day, etc.

2. Easy to Use

  • RFID wristbands are extremely user-friendly. By scanning at a touch point, guests can play games, earn points, take photos and more!
  • There’s no need for an app, or even a mobile device. With a connected wristband, guests can roam the park freely and enjoy all of the features made possible with RFID.

3. Stored Info

  • Each tiny RFID chip can store an impressive amount of information. Guests register profiles with detailed info including age, gender, postal code, allergies and emergency contacts.
  • Park staff can scan a guest’s wristband to learn anything they need to about that particular guest. This feature is especially useful in the case of a medical emergency or a lost child.

4. Flexible Technology

  • Guest credentials are easy to manage in real time via the dashboard. Guests can choose to add permissions and packages to their order and a staff member will simply scan their wristband to associate the new credentials to their profile.
  • In the case of an unruly guest, staff can use the dashboard to render a guest’s profile “inactive” which will block that guest’s access and ability to scan at activations.

5. Reliable Precision

  • When dealing with cashless payments, it is essential that the technology you are using is robust and precise. A near-field communication (NFC) solution ensures that a guest’s personal profile is recognized within the system before payment is processed.
  • All sales are managed within a single dashboard, allowing park operators to have a detailed overview of all vendor activity. Each transaction is recorded and receipts can be generated, and refunds processed, at any time.

When looking for a technology that is both flexible and reliable, it is no wonder so many theme parks are turning to RFID. Connected wristbands can be used to offer convenient features such as: streamlined access, quick cashless payments, ride reservations, photo opportunities, scavenger hunts, games and more. With so many benefits for both the guest and the park, it’s clear this solution really is a win-win for everyone!

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