Lots of family entertainment centers (FECs) are stepping up the game these days and incorporating digital elements into their guest experience so as to appeal to a younger, tech-savvy clientele. From ticketing and payments to gamification and digital scorekeeping, FECs are using RFID technology to boost guest engagement and improve operational efficiency at the same time. It’s the perfect solution because everyone wins!


At registration, guests create an online profile. Their info is saved, so the next time they visit, they can pull up the same profile and they’re good to go!

Guests sign liability waivers during registration. The waivers are stored within the guests’ online profiles; which makes waiver management much easier for the FEC.

The same wristbands can be used for all access packages. A guest’s personal package is associated with their wristband and the system recognizes the package when the guest scans anywhere in the center.


Guests scan their wristband to enter the FEC and various zones. If they try to enter a zone (or during a time period) they have not paid for, the scanner will flag it immediately. This makes access control much more efficient and gives the FEC owners greater visibility over the entire center.

Child and parent wristbands can be paired for increased security. If a child gets lost, the FEC employees can simply scan the child’s wristband to have the parents notified via SMS.

All scans are recorded and FEC owners can review guest activity to monitor crowd capacity in real-time, or to identify the busiest areas of the center.


Guests can enjoy wallet-free spending at the FEC if they link their credit card or load credit directly onto their wristband. The guest can simply scan their wristband at any vendor to make a quick, cashless payment!

Parents can load credit onto their kids’ wristbands to allow them some spending money while at the center. Kids can scan their wristbands to pay for snacks and parents can check their online profiles to review their spending.

All sales are tracked within the same dashboard and FEC operators get a detailed overview of sales activity throughout the center. Sales reports can be used to identify busiest vendors, best-selling items, busiest times of day and more!


Gamification can be used to incentivize guests to participate in more activities at the center. From scavenger hunts to physical competitions, guests can be encouraged to scan to play and earn points. Participatory play is a great way for guests to interact with one another.

A point system encourages guests to participate and leader boards display points in real-time, creating a friendly sense of competition between guests.

Each guest’s activity is stored within their personal profile and they can check the profile at any time to see the games they played, the points they earned, etc. If they return for future visits, guests can earn more points, play more games and win more prizes!

Connecting the FEC experience is a great way to encourage guests to return to your center again and again. With a streamlined experience from start to finish, guests can enjoy every moment at the FEC and create lasting memories that will make them want to keep coming back for more!