With the advent of connected events, event planners are faced with a wealth of new opportunities to interact with their target audiences and create unforgettable experiences. However, when creating an event scenario, it’s important to remember that technology alone will not guarantee success. Regardless of the scenario, event planners must create a favourable context, with four main facets, to align the stars in their favour.

Once your target audience’s personas are honed out, you must then identify their needs and how to meet them. The reason? Your ultimate goal is to incite individuals—in this case event goers—to develop an emotional tie with an experience (ie., your event). Tracking technologies, such as RFID chips, beacons, loyalty cards and even mobile apps all power tools to heighten an event’s experience: they not only help to create attendee profiles but also provide infinite and relevant data to better cater to participants’ interests throughout your entire event!

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