Amusement parks and family entertainment centers are popular family outings. Parents want to give their kids the memorable experience of going on rides, eating cotton candy and playing games to win giant stuffed animals. However, a trip to a busy park can also be a source of anxiety for parents.

  • What if a child gets lost?
  • What if they eat something that makes them sick?

There are a number of potential hazards at busy amusement locations, and park owners want to offer parents peace of mind when they can. This is where RFID comes in. The technology offers sophisticated ways to ensure children’s safety and make the amusement park experience safer for the entire family.

Here are the top 3 safety features available when using RFID at an amusement park or family entertainment center.

1. Child-Parent Pairing

When using RFID for access control, a child’s profile can be paired with their parent’s. This means the child will not be able to exit the park unless they are accompanied by the parent associated to their profile. If a child gets lost, they can have their RFID wristband scanned by a staff member to have their parent instantly notified via SMS. Parents can let their children explore the park, knowing there is an extra safety feature protecting their child.

2. Allergy Alerts

Allergy information can be added to each guest profile. This information instantly appears on a vendor’s screen when the guest tries to purchase food or beverages using their RFID wristband for cashless payment. This is particularly useful when children are placing their own food/beverage orders. If a child has a specific allergy, the staff member will be aware of the allergy even if the child forgets to mention it when placing the order. This additional safety feature helps prevent emergency situations and allows parents to worry less.

3. Monitoring Kids’ Spending

Using RFID closed-loop cashless payments, parents can load their child’s wristband with a specific amount to be used at the park, and then monitor the child’s spending throughout the day. This gives the child the freedom to make purchases on their own, while the parent is still aware of how much they are spending and what they are buying. Purchase history can easily be reviewed on a guest’s personalized profile, ensuring parents are aware of what their child spends and where.

An amusement park or family entertainment center outing should be 100% enjoyable. Park operators looking to provide the ultimate experience for guests will often consider integrating RFID. It’s a simple and efficient way to make the park experience fun, easy and safe for the whole family!

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